Defeat sometimes is a win we don’t notice

March 16, 2023

Friday March 10th, 2023 The Kapawe`no Senior High Boy’s basketball team travelled to Mamawinitownin Miyowayawin Ever-Active School to take part in the premier “Battle of The Bands 2023 Basketball edition. Although Battle of the Bands has existed for years for First Nation Volleyball teams across Alberta this was the first time a Basketball Version of the event was undertaken.
Coaches Cory Cardinal Jr, Dusty Chalifoux and Brian Thomas rallied in a very short period of time to get the boys ready for the tough competition they would face. Friday`s first game proved challenging for the boys as they had to play a game immediately after arriving to the venue after a 4 hour drive from Kapawe’no First Nation. The boys lost a hotly contested game but were not deterred by the defeat and returned to their hotel to eat and mentally prepare for Saturday`s colossal intense games. Coaches met Friday night and developed a solid strategy to make sure the team was able to withstand playing 3 games in one day.

It was all hands on deck as the first game started at 10am followed by games at 3pm and a final game at 6pm. The boys went hard in game two and came away with an amazing result. Leading the way was Layne Halcrow and Layne Auger who led all scorers with a 30 plus output. They were both dynamic and dazzling on the court.” Like poetry in Motion”, according to Coach Thomas. Following that come back game the boys played with heart and courage which contributed to their going from the preliminary’s to the championship game on Sunday. At this point the boys were sore and tired and had to travel to different gyms and prepare as a unit to get the win. Coach Dusty Chalifoux led the team throug the post warm-up drills and Coach Thomas lead the team through the disciplined stretching while Coach Cardinal readied the boys to execute the game plan and play their best.

Though the boys played solidly they were not able to get to get the win, but they all went away realizing that the experience learned in this inaugral Basketball event would remain with them and help them prevail when they return next year. These young men that gave everything should be recognised and their efforts applauded as they represented their school, the Nation, and the Grouard and Sucker Creek Communities with pride. Their behavior and kind hearted greeting to other players, officials and the countless volunteers that made this tournament a success was a win for Kapawe`no First Nation School Senior Boys Team and demonstrates what is being done in our Sports Programming to take our school to the next level in academics and athletics. Congratulations boys for a job well done!

Kapawe’no Muskwak Senior Boys Basketball roster
  • Layne Auger
  • Tony Auger
  • Layne Halcrow
  • Cade Cardinal
  • Gage McLeod
  • Ethan Lalonde
  • Dimitri Prince-Sawka
  • Wyatt Lalonde
  • Eden Auger
  • Aaron Mindel
  • Jonas Calliou
  • Leslie Grey
  • Tyler Mindel
  • HC – Cory Cardinal Jr
  • AC – Brian Thomas
  • AC – Dusty Chalifoux

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