Comedian Don Burnstick helps us as a nation with laughter

March 30, 2023

Kapawe’no First Nation – Comedian Don Burnstick came in and helped Kapaweno Nêhiyawak School laugh by benefiting the schools Archery Program.

During his performance Mr Burnstick was very generous with his material. The turnout was good and the atmosphere was jovial. After his set he met and greeted people in the audience.

Going back to memories of his time up here when he first started. His material was new and very exciting to hear. Oh by the way he was very funny! Nanaskomin for helping our Muskwak Archery team raise funds Don Burnstick Video Comedy Page, Hiy Hiy!

“We are not going to sit here and let the white man laugh and make fun of us. Then close our school and want our children to go to white schools.”
-Harold Cardinal 1970

Last modified: April 11, 2023

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