Visiting Vimy Ridge and St Edmunds Sports Academy expands network

May 1, 2023

Edmonton, Treaty 6 – The Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak School Administration and Sports Academy spent time visiting and studying the prestigious and well known Vimy Ridge and St Edmund schools. They felt that the visit great and well needed to see what the lesson learnt and stride made by both to achieve greatness.

Both schools are known for their academics and sports combining for a winning tradition. The academics and athletics are top notch in both schools and focus is primarily given to the balance of both.

The academics run deep like our programming at Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak School. What we needed to know is what sets them apart with other schools and how do they strive with the sports academy while achieving the hours needed by Alberta Education.
Very similar to our program which we credit our administration, sports academy and amazing teachers and EAs for their solid strive for academics and athletics making sure there is the balance for our students.

Last modified: May 1, 2023

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