Sports Academy hands out prestigious monthly awards for improvement, sportsmanlike, dedication and leadership

May 9, 2023

Kapawe’no First Nation – Another month has passed at Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak School and the Sports Academy. The monthly prestigious awards were handed out to the student athletes who continue to show improvement, sportsmanlike and dedication.

Added to the monthly awards is the Superintendent’s Muskwak Leadership Quality Award given to the player(s) who exemplifies the qualities of a leader, coachable and greatness to a sport.

Our prestigious certificates for the month of March are:

Most Dedicated – A student athlete who spend their weekends on the land and facilities practicing for excellence. They come to practice early and the last ones to leave. And most importantly, their team always comes first. Muskwak forever!

Most Sportsmanlike – A student athlete who leads the way and is always cheering their teammates on and bringing up morale, even in the most challenging and toughest situations. Muskwak forever!

Our academics and athletics is a great combination as students continue to put in the hours needed and the commitment of excellence in the classroom.

Most Improved – A student athlete who begins and ends by improving daily. They reach their highs limited that they can achieve. They are very coachable and build on the talks from the coaches. They continue to take flight and achieve greatness from their first moment to their last. Muskwak forever!

Our recipients are:

Pimotatowin (Archery)
Most Dedicated – Anna Lay
Most Sportsmanlike – Benjamin McLeod
Most Improved – Pewyis Sutherland
Pakamatohkewin (Boxing)
Most Dedicated – Brighton Schur-Auger
Most Sportsmanlike – Gabriel Mcleod
Most Improved – Jonas Calliou
Miskwami Mitawiwin (Hockey)
Most Dedicated – Lola Sutherland
Most Sportsmanlike – Tashlynn Belcourt
Most Improved – Jaze Courtoreille
Most Dedicated – Lennix Sutherland
Most Sportsmanlike – Bryanna Thunder
Most Improved – Benny McLeod
Most Dedicated – Tanner Peechimow
Most Sportsmanlike – Mary-Lou Halcrow
Most Improved – Gabriel McLeod
Metawewin (Lacrosse)
Most Dedicated – Anna Lay
Most Sportsmanlike 1 Benny McLeod
Most Improved – Nova McLeod
Muskwak Leadership
Hockey Academy – Tazannah Belcourt
Hockey Academy – Matthias Willier
Hockey Academy – Markus Willier

Last modified: May 11, 2023

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