Sweetgrass, a kindness medicine our ancestors harvested and protected

May 13, 2023

Kapawe’no First Nation – our Knowledge Keepers tell us that it takes longer for us to heal today and the reason is because the old trails our ancestors used to use to find us have been destroyed, so now our ancestors are having a hard time finding us to help us heal.

We are also told that Sweetgrass was the first plant to grow on Mother Earth. When we harvest Sweetgrass, we get three bunches of seven strands. So there will be 21 pieces of grass, we do not pull it, this is the hair of Mother Earth.

We braid the three strands of seven pieces right there on Mother Earth, then we gently cut it. If we want to state our intentions, we can bring tobacco as to bring Creator in on our words as to how we will use this. For an offering we can offer something the plant can use, like water. So offer the relations around it, it’s brothers and sisters,mother and father. And so on,give them a gift of water.
When we burn sweetgrass, remember these things:
– It’s a kindness medicine…with a sweet gentle aroma when we light it.
– Its symbolic…There are 21 strands used to make a braid…
The first 7 strands represent those 7 generations behind us; Our parents, Our grandparents, Our great grandparents and so on for generations behind us who we are and what we are is because of them. They’ve brushed and made the trails we have been walking up til now, however the trails have been destroyed, we have lost our connection, we must find those trails again. The time has come to heal and reconnect with our ancestors on those trails.

The next seven represent the seven sacred teachings…Love, Respect, Honesty, Courage, Wisdom, Truth and Humility.
Our knowledge keepers tell us how simple, powerful and beautiful the teaching are:
1 Love: unconditional affection with no limits or conditions that starts with loving yourself.
2 Respect: due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights or traditions of other, with consideration, thoughtfulness, attentiveness, politeness, courtesy, civility, deference.
3 Honestly: have a character of integrity, and honor be free from fraud or deception, legitimate truthful.
4 Courage: bravery, permitting one to face extreme dangers with boldness withstanding danger, fear or difficulty
5 Wisdom: the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgment the quality of being wise.
6 Truth: the face of the matter, veracity, sincere, candor and genuineness
a determined in principle entirely by how it relates to things
7 Humility: freedom from pride or arrogance, being humble, when we truly understand the teaching of humility, that we are not any better then anyone else and you are not any better then me. that at the end of the day we are simply human beings, this is what makes this teaching powerful and beautiful.
The last 7 strands are those of the 7 generations in front of us~
Our children …..
Our grandchildren …..
Our great grandchildren …..
as well as those children yet to be born.
It is important because everything we do to Mother earth will one day effect them… We have lost our way, Mother Earth gives us everything we need to heal ourselves and the earth. We must go back to our roots and bloom.
Original from Marty Stompingelk

Last modified: May 19, 2023

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