July 25, 2023

The Kapawe’no Holistic Knowledge Academy will be opening its doors for enrollees for School Year 2023-2024.
You may download the  Registration Package by following this link – Registration Page.


Parent information: The Kapawe’no Holistic Knowledge Academy (KHKA) is collecting personal information about your child with this registration form. The information supports a Lifelong Learning Educational Program for your child and ensures a safe environment for all students and staff. Some of the ways the school may use the collected information are listed below. The Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Office states that the school does NOT need written consent from you to:

● Share information with Alberta Education.
● Use a student’s name, contact information, and phone number in their absence.
● Use a student’s name, photo, or video in the newsletter, yearbook, or within the school community.
● Use a student’s name on artwork or material displayed at the school.
● Use the student’s name and academic information when the school wishes to apply for provincial or federal awards on behalf of the student.
● Provide student information including photos for identification purposes. Student phone numbers will be provided to bus drivers.

This is not a complete list; it merely gives some examples of how the personal information may be used. Some of the activities we do at our academy besides providing a solid academic program are sporting competitions, concerts, cultural programs, clubs, field trips, graduation, and water or land-based teachings that require students to be on the water or harvesting plants and animals in the wild. We thank you for your support of our academy and look forward to working with your children.

If you need help filling out the form please contact the school office, phone number below.

When children have the love, community support, and culture, everything is possible on their educational journey.
KHKA Address: PO Box 10, Grouard, Alberta T0G 1C0
Phone: (780) 751-0008

You may download and fill out this forms and submit to KHKA.


Last modified: July 25, 2023

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