Register today at the First Nation Distance Learning Centre located at the Northern Lakes College – Grouard Campus

August 8, 2023

Kapawe’no First Nation – The newest school serving grade 4 to 12 students in High Prairie and the surrounding communities has arrived. The First Nation Distance Learning Centre is open to all students entering Grade 4 to Grade 12 and features an Alberta Accredited Program of studies for in persona nd virtual (distance education) learning. The First Nation Distance Learning Centre operates with over 20 certificated Alberta Teachers and twenty support staff instructing a full compliment of courses at each grade level. (152 Academic High School Courses at the -1 and -2 Level of every high school grade are being offered this upcoming school year to students including courses in Indigenous Music, Fine Arts, Sports and Recreation).

This year both boys and girls sports teams will compete in the Alberta High School Athletic Association’s competitive sports and the school will run an elite under 15 travel Hockey Team featuring some of the best boys and girls under 15 Hockey Players in the area. All athletes on this team will be supported fully for travel and competitive play.

The Fine Arts/Music program at the school has been enhanced with a full Big Band Music Program being added to the current contemporary music program which was recognized last year for its inclusion of traditional drumming and singing. If you are artistic or musically inclined we have a program just right for you. Call and register today!

This year, we are offering educational upgrading services to students who need credits to complete their high school diploma. No matter what your age is the First Nation Distance Learning Centre has a course specifically designed to meet your academic needs. Our certificated teachers and instructors will work hard to ensure that you complete your studies, whether this occurs through in person or online learning. We are the only First Nation to have a synchronous and asynchronous program that blends to the needs of its students and provides students with 100 percent access to any course they need to complete the goals of their educational plan.

Register before August 31st and receive a free monogrammed travel bag and water bottle. Call (780) 751.008 or (780) 751.0009 to talk to our Student Services Department about enrolling in our school.

Last modified: August 13, 2023

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