Our Music Journey continues: Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak School’s Week in Music

September 19, 2023

Kapawe’no First Nation – Music has long been a universal language, and at Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak School, and Nêhiyawêwin and music is being spoken passionately. This past week was a testament to the school’s commitment to fostering musical talents across various age groups, ensuring that every student has the chance to explore and express themselves through the medium of sound.

For our 7-12 grade students, the week was a continuation of their journey into the world of musical instruments. Their dedication was defined as they confidently strummed, blew, and beat their way through the first three notes. Their progress was evident not just in individual proudness, but also in their collaborative spirit.

The musical baton was then passed to our 4-6 grade students, who embarked on an introduction to the world of ukuleles. The light, cheerful tones of the instrument resonated through the school’s corridors, a testament to the students’ enthusiasm and swift learning capabilities.

“Music isn’t just about instruments; it’s also about voice and tradition”, said Mr Fred Mack. Our K-3 students showcased this beautifully. Going deep into their Nêhiyawak roots, they embraced the Nêhiyawêwin (Cree) Animal song, a solid reflection of our Nêhiyawak ways of life. Alongside this, they also reveled in the Fireflies song, allowing their youthful voices to soar and echo with glee.
In a week filled with chords, melodies, and songs, Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak School reaffirmed its dedication to nurturing the musical spirits of its students, helping them find their voice, both literally and figuratively.

Last modified: October 2, 2023

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