Kapawe’no Child Care Society

October 5, 2023

Updates for the Nation:

Kapawe’no First Nation – Tan’si Nitotemtek. My name is Nav Kaur and I am the temporary Director at the Early Learning building owned and operated by Kapawe’no First Nation. My role is to share my knowledge, skills and research experience in education to create updates to the programming, staff training and building. I have 15 years of experience in owning and operating Daycare Centres, I have a level 3 designation and have personally worked at all positions. I hold a Masters in Education Policy, a Bachelors in Education from the University of Alberta. I am a specialist in staff training and operations.

Over the next 3 months my focus is:

1. Staffing: building and nurturing a strong collaborative environment for caregivers, this means supporting all staff to obtain their Early Learning levels, organizing workshops regarding licensing, health & safety and best practices.
2. Licensed Program: updating the program to include the newest research in Early Learning, including FLIGHT: Albertas Early Learning Framework and Forest School Principles. Please stay tuned for an open house feast during the Winter, once we have the chance to implement changes and train the staff team to answer community questions and comments.
3. Building: I have completed an audit of toys, furniture and equipment. We will be working to update each room with construction and furnishings that keep up with children’s needs. I am diligently working with Licensing, Health and Safety, Headstart and Special Education specialists in the design to ensure the updates will keep the daycare in good standing for the upcoming generation.
We need your help: We are looking for a community working group to volunteer their knowledge to integrate community, culture and context. Please contact me at nav.kaur@kfnschool.ca or (780) 952 5534 if you are interested or know someone who can support our work. Ekosi

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