Kâkîsimowin: The Heartbeat and Daily Blessings of Kapawe’no Nehiyawak Kiskinahamâtowikamik

October 6, 2023

Kapawe’no First Nation – In the sacred space of Kapawe’no Nehiyawak Kiskinahamâtowikamik, every lesson, and tradition is steeped in kâkîsimowin—our sacred heartbeat that embodies the wisdom of Nohtâwînân, our Kise Manitow, the Creator. Through this rhythm, our Nation’s school finds its voice and spiritual fortitude.

A cornerstone of our daily existence is the prayer led by Gabriel McLeod and followed by fellow classmate Akira Courtoreille. The words of kâkîsimowin is more than an invocation; it’s a sacred alignment with spiritual and ancestral ways. Not only do they lead the school in daily blessings, but they also take the time to assist with our younger students in the studio.

The dedicated duo has been presenting the 7 Grandmother/Grandfather teachings online, enriching our community’s spiritual compass. Every school day morning at 8:45 am, students eagerly await the Nehiyawewin online session, further reinforcing our Nehiyawewin connection and Nêhiyawak way lineage.

We are pleased, Kitatamihinan, for the life, Oma Pimatisowin ka me ahk, that has been bestowed upon us—a life that instructs and nourishes. The prayer reaffirms our interconnectedness with the Creator, the Earth, and all living beings. It serves as a daily affirmation that pulses through every room, reaching each student, teacher, and Nation member.

Wicîhinân, we call for guidance to help us walk the paths of wisdom and courage. Kanawêyiminân, protect us, the stewards of this knowledge, not just today, Anoch, but every day, Êkwa tahto kisikaw.

As Nîyanân Kitawâsimisak, we recognize that we are the children of a larger cosmos, responsible for safeguarding the ancestral teachings. Iskwêwak ekwa Iskwêsak, all women and girls, and Nâpêwak ekwa Nâpêsak, all men and boys, unite under this celestial tutelage.

With an expansive embrace that reaches Kahkiyaw Ayisiyiniwak Ota, all people here, and Ekwa Misiweskamik, across the world, we are a beacon of unity and spiritual ascendance.

Our school continues to build; it is a living testament to our sovereign ways of governance and living. Kinanaskomitin, we express deep gratitude for the journey we undertake together as one community, under the watchful eyes of the Creator.

Last modified: October 7, 2023

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