Young Brothers Keeping the Drum and Nehiyawewin Alive

October 6, 2023

Kapawe’no First Nation – In the heart of our Nation, Territory and Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak School, Colin and Jaze Courtorielle are young brothers preserving the rich legacy of our Nêhiyawak way of life. Guided by their mother Chelsea, their uncle Scott, and Kokom Angela, they stand as symbols of cultural resilience and promise for the future.

Colin and Jaze demonstrate a strong affinity for drumming, a passion fueled by their uncle Scott, who takes immense pride in passing down this sacred form of expression. They also learn from their teacher, Mr. Cory Cardinal Jr., who welcomes them into the circle. Their attendance and active involvement at the drumming circle come from a place of genuine interest, not obligation.

Their mother Chelsea is an indelible influence in their lives. She nurtures their academic and athletic interests while also reinforcing the Nêhiyawak way, serving as a bedrock of love and support.

Earlier this year, the brothers focused on Wakotowin, the Nêhiyaw concept of kinship, during a recording at school. Their understanding of these deep Nêhiyawak values has been nurtured by our Nêhiyawêwin Keepers Mrs. Linda Gladue and Angela Courtorielle, enhancing their insight into the responsibilities that come with being part of our Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak School.

“These young brothers balance between the Nêhiyawak way of life and the pressures of the modern world. Their ability to absorb ancestral knowledge while excelling in academics and athletics exemplifies what our school needs for a thriving future,” says Boh Kubrakovich-Kiniw, Superintendent of the Schools.

Not only are Colin and Jaze committed to the Nêhiyawak way of living, but they are also dedicated students and budding athletes. Jaze is in his second year of hockey, displaying exceptional talent, while Colin excels academically, setting his own benchmarks for success.

Their commitment to learning Nehiyawewin from their Kokom Angela underscores the importance of language as the cornerstone of culture and worldview.

As they drum and speak Tapwewin (truth), Colin and Jaze serve as living testaments to the power of family, tradition, and community. They offer hope and serve as tangible examples that one can thrive in the modern world without losing touch with ancestral roots. Their journey resonates as an echo of the past, ensuring that the beat of tradition and the spirit of Wakotowin will continue to enliven future generations.

Last modified: October 7, 2023

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