LAWF Class Takes Advantage of Last Warm Day with Canoeing

October 24, 2023

Kapawe’no First Nation – Last Thursday, students in Mr. Mack’s Land, Air, Water, and Fire (LAWF) class took to the waters for the final canoeing lesson of the year. Enjoying a warm 17°C day, the class couldn’t have asked for better conditions. The outing served as a practical session for students to apply their water safety knowledge, allowing them to navigate the calm waters with confidence like a Muskwa.

The outing was particularly memorable as it turned out to be the last opportunity of the year for such an activity. Merely three days after the class’s day out, the very channel they canoed in froze over, ground covered in snow, a reminder of how quickly seasons can change. The swift transition from open water to a frozen channel emphasized the importance of opportunities to engage with the natural world while conditions allow.

The change in weather and subsequent shift in focus offer a tangible way for students to appreciate the cyclical nature of the environment. As they say farewell to canoeing and prepare for winter survival skills, the LAWF class continues to provide a hands-on life long learning experience that bridges the gap between the classroom and teachings on Mother Earth.

With winter arriving, the LAWF curriculum is now shifting to skills more suited for the colder months. Fire-making is next on the agenda, a skill essential for both survival and understanding the transformative power of one of nature’s fundamental elements. Students will also learn the importance of proper winter attire, focusing on layering and material selection to retain heat and stay dry.

Last modified: October 28, 2023

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