Navigating Multiple Views: Ms. Sherry Bellegarde Classroom Explores Visual Art, Law, and Ideology Across Disciplines

October 27, 2023

Kapawe’no First Nation – At Buffalo Bay Academy within Kapawe’no’s First Nation Collegiate, high school programming has been busy with activity, especially in Ms. Sherry’s classroom.

In ELA 30, students recently finished looking at a graphic novel and learned how visual images convey profound meaning through their carefully crafted illustrations, harnessing the power of images to evoke emotions and narratives that words alone could never capture.

In Art 10-20-30, students explored the concepts of distance and space in art by experimenting with various techniques, such as using a horizon line and overlapping to create a sense of depth and dimension within their compositions. In Private Law, students embarked on a study of private law, starting with civil law as its foundation, before delving into the intricate realm of indigenous laws and their diverse origins, thereby gaining a holistic understanding of legal system and the seven teachings. In Personal Psychology 20, students initially explored personality theorists during their presentations, and now, they are transitioning their focus to the study of human behaviour.

In Social Studies 30, students delved into the intricate process of how ideologies are crafted, with a particular focus on the formation and development of classical liberalism as a prominent example. We critically examined contemporary global events, specifically delving into the origins of the conflict in Israel and its intricate connections to challenges our own Indigenous Nations have faced.

We eagerly look forward to the ongoing learning journey within the classroom and on the land!

Last modified: October 28, 2023

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