Metawewin Sports Academy – The State of Play: Cultivating Future Athletes through Skill Development and Growth

November 12, 2023

Kapawe’no First Nation – The Metawewin (Sports) Academy is dedicated to helping young athletes grow and develop their skills. Over the past six to seven weeks, the program has been about building on the basics that students have learned. Each academy within the program has its own special focus, and they are seriously dedicated to making well-rounded athletes.

Hockey Academy:

Under the guidance of Mr. Boh Kubrakovich-Kiniw, the focus is on refining the overall state of play. Mr. Martins is dedicated to honing basic to elite-level skill building, and Mr. Corey Jr. Cardinal is committed to elevating skating proficiency.

They’re covering everything in hockey, from skating to precise stick work. Additionally, the High Prairie Red Wings Junior A team is helping with on-ice skills. Two young EAs, Caissia and Aliyah, are dedicated to tying skates, providing coach support, and demonstrating drills. Their goal is to become coaches of the teams going to the Native provincials.

The synthetic ice is a valuable resource for Grades K-3, and an off-ice program is in place. The older elite group is incorporating plyometrics into their alternating days off-ice.

Lacrosse Academy:
The lacrosse academy is about teaching skills like rolling, scooping, cradling, footwork, shooting, and handling the lacrosse stick right. We want players to be great all-around lacrosse players.

Boxing and MMA Academy:
In a safe environment, students are gaining confidence through practice matches. It’s about making them physically fit and sharpening their combat skills. Safety is a big deal here, making sure no one gets hurt.

Volleyball Team:
The girls’ volleyball team is showing big improvements by taking part in three tournaments. They’re getting better in their physical education classes.

Swimming Program:
Mondays are dedicated to the swimming program, designed to replenish the athletes’ muscles and contribute to their overall physical development.

In closing Mr Brian Thomas has this to say: The Metiwewina Sports Academy is more than just a training ground; it’s a place where young talents become champions, where skills grow, and where the spirit of excellence shines brightly. It provides our students with an avenue to release the stresses they may have from academic settings. It offers a fresh perspective on learning. With every stride, every swing, and every moment, our athletes are forging a path to greatness through the beautiful programming at Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak School and Buffalo Bay Academy.

Last modified: November 13, 2023

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