About Us

About Us

Kapawe’no First Nation – We are leading Nehiyawak (Cree) Nation and in Canada providing Virtual School experiences for Indigenous students in a real time – bricks and mortars in the Cloud – qualitative experiences – unlike any that has existed before in Turtle Island (Canada). Being on the leading edge of curriculum and instructional design we pride ourselves in our academically rigorous program infused with our Indigenous Ways of Knowing (Language, Traditions, Culture, Practices, Values and Morals) and Learning (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social and Spiritual). As well as our virtual classroom streaming options we are a lighthouse for in person learning in our contemporary school for Kindergarten to Grade 12 and College programming located in the Hamlet of Grouard, Alberta, next to the Sovereign Nation of Kapawe’no First Nation.

Where are we located

Our school is 3.5 hours north of the city of Edmonton and 2.5 hour east of Grande Prairie on paved highway on the north-west shore of Slave Lake (Buffalo Bay).  High Prairie and Slave Lake are two towns located nearby.  

Governance in our Nation

As a vibrant school with a very supportive Hereditary Chief and Council (Hereditary Chief Sydney Lee Halcrow and Hereditary Councillors Debbie Chalfioux and Pamela Halcrow) we follow our Nation’s Governance Codes and the Sovereign and Inherent Rights of Nehiyawak people.

Our Nehiyawak way of life

Notably, we excel in embedding LAW (Land, Air, Water) teachings within our instructional programs and education processes and ensure that all Nehiyawak teachings are supported and implemented alongside and with equal importance as Alberta Education coursework.  As such our students walk the path and learn about their identity along with the path of learning the non-indigenous ways of knowing thus bringing a balanced approach.

Our Nehiyawewin immersion program gives students and teachers the foundation they need to revitalize our language within our school, Nation, territory. Our cultural and land-based programs bring in our Nehiyawak way of life “and ways of knowing.” (ADD IN) In addition, we run a Quality Daily Physical Education Program “that runs in conjunction with our” top notch Sports Academy and Indigenous Fine Arts Academy in place for students in Grade 4 to 12.  We believe in academic excellence balanced with athletics as the second half of life long learning (education).

Our Life Long Learning

Our school follows the minutes of instruction for schooling as regulated by Alberta Education.  We ensure we provide a minimum of 950 hours for elementary and junior high student instruction, and 1000 hours of instruction for high school.   Our school timetable allows us to provide for a four (4) Day School week over the winter months (November to April) which allows us to provide more opportunities for our students to travel, participate in activities and events, and build upon traditional practices and culture with the extended weekends.  As a federally funded, Alberta Accredited, First Nation owned and operated school, we pride ourselves on our ability to take care of our students, parents, and employees and see People as as our most important asset within the Kapawe’no First Nation School Authority. 

Having a multi-talented staff (Pow Wow Dancers, ex NHL Player, former Olympian, Varsity Team Players, musicians, actors, and more) we are able to participate in the Alberta Junior and Senior high school Athletic Association and Alberta Native Sports programs, Band Concerts, Pow Wows, Drama Productions and more.  We have become known as a school where talent builds and ever-increasing knowledge grows.    Our staff are highly involved with coaching, mentoring, training and supporting the activities of our Sports Academy and Fine Arts/Music Academy teams.

We are one of a select group of schools in Alberta to have a four (4) day work week which commences (November, 2023) and runs until after Spring Break (April, 2024).  Our school delivery model is based on the Seven Grandfather and Grandmother Teachings of Love, Respect, Humility, Wisdom, Obedience, Truth, and Honesty.  Each day we learn together and cherish that learning begins 9 months before birth and only ends 9 months after one “Crosses” the river to the other side.

Background about Kapawe’no First Nation School

Check out our website at www.kfnlearning.com  and for more information and also you can check out our facebook site for Kapawe’no First Nation School: https://www.facebook.com/kapawenofirstnationschool/

or check out these recent video links:


https://kfnlearning.com/lori-willier/ ​

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