Land-Based Teachings

Learning Traditional Teachings and Environmental Stewardship for the Land!

– KFN School hosts annual Honoring our Traditions Camps (one week in the Fall, Grade 4-12, HS Credit offered and one week in the Spring)

– Outdoor Teachings at our exclusive Day Camp location nearby the school
– Trapping with Elder guidance


At KFN School, our student look forward to participating in the National Sport of hockey. Weekly on and off ice sessions are held for players starting out and for our players who advance into playing minor hockey throughout the area. All students receive a full set of hockey equipment donated by Sports Central in Edmonton. Learn from our experienced teacher coaches. As a team sport, hockey makes students more active, healthier and builds confidence and cooperation among players.

Full participation in National Archery in Schools Program
– Archery tournament participation in June
– Staff are NASP certified instructors

Boxing and Lacrosse

Fine Arts Academy

Guitar, Drawing, and Indigenous Art

– Guitar instruction from Grades 7-12
– Sketching, drawing, painting
– Bead art
– Fish scale art with Elder guidance
– Drum making with Elder guidance

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