Buffalo Bay Academy



At Kapawe’no First Nation our Buffalo Bay Academy is Grades 7-12 school, situated in the proximity of Kapawe’no First Nation within its ancestral lands along the sacred shores of Buffalo Bay, in Grouard. Here, the land itself serves as a classroom, connecting our students to their ancestral roots.

Knowledge Ever Increasing

Mission: To advance higher education rooted in Knowledge Ever Increasing with ancestral wisdom, harmonizing tradition with academics.

Vision: To be a center for excellence where tradition and innovation converge, equipping graduates to contribute locally and globally.

Educational Philosophy

“Where tradition fuels the future, we create a distinct path to wisdom and growth.” This philosophy is now also backed by the latest research in cognitive science and educational psychology, leading to ever-increasing knowledge and understanding.

Who We Are

Buffalo Bay Academy continues to be an autonomous school. We offer technology-enhanced classrooms to support both traditional and new methods of teaching, offering students in Grades 7-12 a unique blend of the Nêhiyawak way of learning. This blend incorporates Arts, Music, Sports, and LAW teachings through full accreditation by Alberta and our Elder Knowledge Keepers.

Unique Features

  • Customized Curriculum: Now featuring blended online courses to enable personalized pacing and greater subject exploration.

  • Cultural Affinity: Expanded to include new programs in indigenous botany, astronomy, and seasonal rites and ceremonies.


While operating under the Kapawe’no First Nation’s Governance Codes, our expanded virtual learning environment also allows for a more diversified student body, maintaining our autonomy to serve even  more effectively.

Flexible Learning

The four-day school week from November to April remains, now enriched by virtual extensions to engage students in additional cultural and educational pursuits during their extended weekends.

Online Presence

Our dedicated website and social media pages, which will be made available shortly, are designed to be interactive platforms where students can access cultural archives and advanced academic resources.

Curriculum at Buffalo Bay Academy

Buffalo Bay Academy is fully accredited by Alberta Education and follows their standards for instructional time. We offer a minimum of 950 instructional hours for Grades 7-9 and 1,000 hours for Grades 10-12, consistent with Alberta Education standards and Kapawe’no First Nation School Authority requirements. To enrich these hours, we’ve incorporated flexible, additional online modules that can be accessed during extended weekends or evenings.

This maintains our alignment with Alberta’s rigorous educational standards while offering our unique blend of traditional and innovative learning experiences.

Core Academic Programs

The core subjects now feature adaptive learning technology to provide a highly personalized educational experience, deeply integrated with Nehiyawak teachings.

Innovative Curriculum Elements

  • Four Pillars Focus: Arts, Music, Sports, and LAW academies offer certification courses and internship opportunities to students, fully integrating these pillars into daily learning.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Learning: Virtual field trips to sacred sites and augmented traditional storytelling are integrated into the curriculum, preserving tradition in a new form.

  • Traditional Knowledge Keepers: In addition to in-person teachings, there are also live-streamed sessions where Elders and experts provide real-time learning experiences.

Flexible Schedule

During the winter months, Buffalo Bay Academy is launching an online cultural exchange program where students can engage with other indigenous communities globally during their extended weekends.

Contact Us

Our newly updated website at www.kfnlearning.com now offers virtual tours and webinars. Also, visit our expanded social media presence on Facebook at Buffalo Bay Academy for more enriching content.

High School Courses we offer this semester:

(Core Classes)
Alberta High School Diploma: 100 credits
(All 5 Credit courses unless designated differently)

1) Aboriginal Studies 10, 20, 30
2) Art 10, 20, 30
3) Art 11, 21, 31
4) Biology 20, 30 (Christina)
5) Calculus 20, 30 (Christina)
6) CALM (Career and Life Management) (3 Credits)
7) Chemistry 20, 30
8) Drama 10, 20, 30
9) English 10-1, 10-2; 20-1, 20-2, 30-1, 30-2(Rebecca)
10) Math 10-1, 10-2, 20-1, 20-2, 30-1, 30-2; (George)
11) Instrumental Music 10, 20 (3 Credits); 30 (5 Credits)
12) Nehiyawewin (Cree) 10, 20, 30
13) Physical Education 10, 20, 30
14) Physics 20, 30
15) Science 10, 20, 30; Science 14, 24 (Cory)
16) Social Studies 10-1, 10-2, 20-1, 20-2, 30-1, 30-2(Cory)
17) General Pyschology 20 (3 Credits)


(Knowledge and Employability)
Alberta High School Certificate: 80 Credits
(All 5 Credit Courses)

1. English 10-4, 20-4, 30-4
2. Math 10-4, 20-4, 30-4
3. Science 10-4, 20-4
4. Social Studies 10-4, 20-4 (62 Courses)

Secondary Courses (All 1 Credit Course)

1. Agriculture: “Agriculture Plant Propagation”
2. Agriculture: “Agriculture Safety”
3. Mechanics: “Apprentice Mechanics”
4. Computing Science: “Computer Science 1 & 2”
5. Fashion Studies: “Creating Accessories 10”
6. Media Design & Communication Art: “Des 10-Sketch, Draw & Model”
7. Management & Marketing: “Distributing Goods and Services 15”
8. Management & Marketing: “Entrepreneurship 30”
9. Foods:  Soups and Sauces W & F
10. Foods:  Foods 20: Food Literacy W & F
11. Forestry:  For1010 Regulating Alberta’s Forests
12. Forestry:  For1020 Forest Ecology in Regions of Canada
13. Forestry:  For2010 Forestry Protection & Stewardship
14. Forestry:  For3010 Issues and Trends in Forestry
15. Forestry:  For3080 Forest Research and Development
16. Forestry:  Forests and Society
17. Forestry:  Forest Use and Protection
18. Fashion Studies:  Indigenous Creations 20
19. Information Processing:  Info1030 Word Processing 1
20. Information Processing:  Info1060 Spreadsheet 1
21. Information Processing:  Info1070 Digital Presentation

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