First Nation Collegiate

Knowledge Ever Increasing 

Who We Are

First Nation Collegiate under the four puller schools and outreach programs we offer accredited both in western studies and the Nêhiyawak way of learning. Our programs we specialize in many such as arts, sciences, and indigenous studies. With state-of-the-art technology, we build upon the technological advances of KNS (K-6), Buffalo Bay Academy (7-12), FNVLC and First Nation College while focusing on higher education standards.


Nestled within the ancestral lands of the Kapawe’no First Nation, First Nation Collegiate stands alongside Buffalo Bay Academy and Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak School, enriching our Kapawe’no Territorial educational ecosystem. Knowledge Ever Increasing where Ancestral Wisdom Meets Higher Education.

Knowledge Ever Increasing

Mission: To advance higher education rooted in Knowledge Ever Increasing with ancestral wisdom, harmonizing tradition with academics.

Vision: To be a center for excellence where tradition and innovation converge, equipping graduates to contribute locally and globally.


We have four pillar schools along with our outreach program under our First Nation Collegiate which are:

The following schools are:

Our Outreach programs are;

  • Kapawe’no Outreach

  • Virtual and Adult Outreach

Life Long Learning Philosophy

“Knowledge Ever Increasing” our philosophy embodies the harmonious blend of Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak teachings and modern pedagogy.

We extend the principles established in the First Nation Virtual Learning Centre, enriching the academic environment with collaborative and wisdom-based learning.

Unique Features

  • Interdisciplinary Programs: Melding traditional knowledge and modern subjects for a well-rounded education.

  • Research Opportunities: Working in sync with First Nation College, we offer research initiatives that allow students to delve into their ancestral heritage.

  • Partnerships: Leveraging relations with local businesses and organizations for internships and job placements.


Functioning under the Kapawe’no First Nation’s Hereditary and Life Long Governance and Leadership we share governance principles with the other educational institutions within the territory, ensuring alignment yet maintaining our own distinctive role in higher education.

Flexible Learning

Building upon the four-day school week implemented at our schools, curriculum includes interactive virtual sessions, enabling students to pursue independent research projects or participate in local support service.


Fully accredited, our courses meet the academic standards for higher education, while our unique indigenous studies program complements the curricula offered.

Innovative Curriculum Elements

  • Wisdom Circles: Interactive dialogue sessions where students, educators, and Elders share knowledge.

  • Global Indigenous Exchange Program: An extension of cultural exchange initiative, now at a collegiate level.


Admission processes are holistic, considering applicants’ academic and cultural contributions. They are also in line with the open and inclusive admissions policy at First Nation College.

Contact Us

email us at admin@firstNationcollegiate.com

Online Presence

Our website and social media platforms serve as extended classrooms and community forums, mirroring the interactivity found at our four schools –  KNS, BBA, FNVLC and First Nation College.

Join First Nation Collegiate, a landmark in indigenous higher education, where ancestral teachings and academic excellence create leaders of tomorrow.

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