Kapawe’no Nêhiyawak School (K-12)

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Ever Increasing Knowledge with everyday learning in core programming

Academics, Athletics and Indigenous Arts and Music a way of life.

Literacy, Numeracy, Sciences, Social Studies and LAW (Land, Air, Water and Fire) Learning

We are a leading Nehiyawak (Cree) Nation and in Canada providing in person and virtual learning for Indigenous students in a real time bricks and mortars in the Cloud along with qualitative experiences, unlike any that has existed before in Turtle Island (Canada).

We pride ourselves on our ability as an academically Alberta accredited school taught with a traditional and contemporary balanced approach.

Our greatness includes;

  • A leading edge of curriculum and instructional design;
  • An Indigenous Way of Knowing (Language, Traditions, Culture, Practices, Values and Morals) and Learning;
  • With equal importance as Alberta accredited Education coursework supporting anxiety;
  • Our delivery model is based on the Seven Grandfather and Grandmother Teachings and Learning;
  • We provide a minimum of 950 hours for elementary / junior high student instruction, and 1000 hours for high school;
  • Our school timetable allows us to provide for a four (4) Day School week over the winter months (November to April);
  • Our Sports Academy participates in the Alberta Junior and Senior High School Athletic Association;
  • Giving students the foundation to reach their potential and gain confidence both academically and socially.

Where are we located

Our school is 3.5 hours north of the city of Edmonton and 2.5 hour east of Grande Prairie on paved highway on the north-west shore of Slave Lake (Buffalo Bay).

High Prairie and Slave Lake are two towns located nearby.

KFN – Kindness, Fairness, Naturing Excellence

Check out our website at www.kfnlearning.com  and for more information.
Also you can check out our facebook site for Kapawe’no First Nation School: https://www.facebook.com/kapawenofirstnationschool/

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