Sports Academy

Hockey (Miskwami mitawiwin)

At KFN School, our student look forward to participating in the National Sport of hockey. Weekly on and off ice sessions are held for players starting out and for our players who advance into playing minor hockey throughout the area. All students receive a full set of hockey equipment donated by Sports Central in Edmonton. Learn from our experienced teacher coaches. As a team sport, hockey  makes students more active, healthier and builds confidence and cooperation among players.

LACROSSE (Metawewin)

KFN School offers Lacrosse Program. Lacrosse builds character on and off the pitch. It teaches them to set personal goals. We teach both the traditional game of lacrosse and the new modern way. The traditional way is a healing and medicine game given to us by the creator, building mental strength challenges students to improve themselves.

BOXING (Pakamatohkewin)

Our youth boxing program here at KFN School is a safe, and fun way to keep our students engaged in physical activity. Boxing teaches valuable lessons in dedication and discipline. Boxing is perhaps the best way for our students to exert their energy in a productive way while teaching them focus, coordination and respect.

ARCHERY (Pimotatowin)

At KFN School, archery is a fun, educational and a traditional activity for young people to take part in. It is a sport for all. It helps to build muscle endurance and flexibility, and develop hand-eye coordination and strength. Archery teaches discipline, respect and self control – something that carries over into pupils’ attitude, work habits and other school activities.


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